Build and run an advanced 360-degree product photography studio

We're passionate about rich visuals for e-commerce, so when a consumer/industrial giant shared their ambitious plan to build a state-of-the-art spin photography studio right inside their distribution center to help increase sales, reduce returns, and lead the industry, we were chomping at the bit.

50,000+ products in stock

1000s more each year

Advanced robotic imaging

Most complex product line

For a project of this scope, we recognized that the keys to long-term success would be staffing and logistics: We would need to recruit and train the right team to understand their vast range of products, and to operate the most advanced robotic photography rigs ever developed. We also needed to integrate our team into one of the most complex global supply chains on earth. But most importantly, we would need to capture and present the quality and value of every product, in every shot.


- Develop style guides for key brands and products
- Work with internal web, marketing team priorities
- Develop and streamline product processing


- Imaging at Chivalry and client studios
- Daily contact, weekly meetings
- Long, short, and rush deadlines

Now in its sixth-year of operation, our spin photography operation produces hands-down the best visual assets for our Fortune 500 client and their partners, and our studios have become a global Center of Excellence (CoE) for the company. We’ve also taken on post-editing of all stills and spins, delivering an end-to-end solution. Sales are up, returns are down, and customers are enjoying the richest possible product experience.

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