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Develop a branded product video series to boost B2B sales

Nothing is more powerful than video to explain, convince and convert online visitors into customers. And when you’ve got the largest available-to-sell electronics inventory in the world, a sales force in the thousands, and partners like Philips, LG, Lumileds and Nichia, the opportunity is enormous. 

Top three in global sales

Biggest and best suppliers

5500 employees, 169 offices, 44 countries

The key to success for this project was the supplier experience: When Philips flies two senior product experts to our studio to shoot 10 videos in two days, the process needs to be seamless. We needed scripts and messaging to be on point, and we needed to ensure that they conveyed the brand’s value to customers and the brand’s strategy to salespeople.



- Promotional videos for customers
- Strategy videos for salespeople
- Impactful and efficient


- Customer and supplier approval
- Branding, value prop, legal
- Complex goals, clear messages

Future’s branded video series was a hit with its biggest suppliers and with its broad customer base. Views, shares, and sales increased, customers understood the value of what they were buying, and salespeople had clear guidance on how to sell effectively. This distributor-supplier video series model is now being rolled out company-wide as suppliers see the results and buy into the strategy.

Chivalry has become a valued partner over the years, and we've come to rely on their team for a range of ongoing marketing services, including videos, ads, and strategic marketing communications. They always deliver the solutions we need, on time and within budget, and we recommend them without hesitation.

Jamie Singerman
Corporate Vice-President - Worldwide - Future Electronics

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