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Engage customers and community on social media year-round

We love to tell stories that create an emotional bond with the brand. When you’re one of the largest microbreweries in the country, you sponsor the best local arts and music festivals, and your brewery is also the best beer garden in town, the opportunities to connect with audiences are limitless.

Pioneering North American microbrewery

Sold in the United States, Europe and Canada

12+ international medals

For McAuslan’s social media strategy to be successful, the key is connection: we need to highlight all the ways that they contribute to the cultural and culinary life of the city, and we need to do it in such a way that the brand’s gregarious working-class character always shines through.


Human connections
Social experiences
Photos and video series


Festivals, partnerships
The brewery as a destination
New product launches

During our seventh-year partnership with McAuslan, we’ve elevated and humanized the brand and brought their customers inside the life of the brewery. We’ve showcased the building of a new nano-brewery and the expansion of their outdoor bar and restaurant facilities. We were proud to help launch McAdam Cider, made with apples from their own orchard. We even followed the progress of their rooftop bee colonies, from the arrival of the hives, to honey harvesting, to brewing and enjoying the first honey beer. McAuslan’s social stories have helped strengthen their position in their community and in the hearts of their customers.

Chivalry has handled our social media, video and photography for 7 years now, and we're very happy with the quality of the work, and with the team. Product launches, events, updates, short notice, they always come through.

Tanya Comeau
Brand Manager - McAuslan Brewing

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