Launch a new flagship notebook on the biggest stage in tech

We love cutting-edge technology, and we love Las Vegas in January (Who wouldn't?). Samsung needed an integrated cross-platform content strategy to support the launch of the Notebook Odyssey gaming laptop at CES. So like Homer before us, we girded our loins and prepared ourselves to bring the epic story of the Odyssey to the world.

Biggest stage, highest stakes

Multiple audiences and platforms

Photography and video

Raw, curated and packaged

CES is gargantuan, and every brand blares their message at full volume. We knew that if we were going to cut through the noise and make the world take notice of the Odyssey at CES and beyond, we’d have to plan out a content strategy that would milk every minute of the four days. We’d need to generate great photos and video all day. We’d need to process and package it flawlessly. And we’d need to get it all to Samsung, their partners, and the tech news media in time for the next day’s news.


- Capture key moments
- Showcase organic interest
- Newscast-style content lineup
- Production/post integration


- Real-time content capture
- Rapid selection and vetting
- Audiovisual optimization
- Multichannel distribution

Samsung’s Notebook Odyssey made a big splash at CES, getting tons of attention from journalists, bloggers, gamers and the public. Our content appeared on websites around the world throughout CES and in the weeks and months that followed. We’re proud that our focused content blitz helped establish the Odyssey as a major player in the difficult-to-penetrate gaming laptop niche.

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